Zinced sheet

Galvanized sheet – is made of cold-rolled coiled steel, which is further zinced in galvanizing baths and can either have edging or not. Zinced steel can be sold both in rolls and in sheets, the standard size of galvanized sheet, offered by the manufacturers is 1250x2500mm or 1000x2000mm. For your convenience, Forteks offers roll dissolution on custom non-standard sheets, thickness from 0.25 mm to 5 mm . It is also possible to dissolve the roll into a strip, which may be of interesting for manufacturing enterprises.

Zinced sheets and coils can be “ready for use” products, and also can be used as blanks for the production of metal products. Feature of such rolling is a thin layer of zinc oxide on the surface of the sheet, which gives the steel a high corrosion resistance. Sheets of zinced rolled products are well suited for stamping, bending, further rolling.