Processing of coiled steel

We offer service of application of a protective tape on the front side of steel with a polymer coating.

Tape is good for:

  • protection against mechanical damage;
  • protection against temperature changes and UV rays;
  • protection from dirt;
  • preservation of presentational view.

Protective tape prevents mechanical damage to metal (including painted metal) that may occur during transportation and installation. No traces remain on the surface of the materials, when removing the tape, not even traces of glue.

Unwinding of rolled steel.

Fortex has modern automated lines that meet advanced technological requirements. This allows you to unwind steel without deformation and with maximum accuracy, ensure speed and quality. Strip of the desired weight or width is obtained as a result of unwinding of metal roll. The service is useful if the standard rolls are too large and you need other sizes.

Longitudinal and transverse cutting

We cut rolled zinced steel designed for longitudinal-transverse cutting into strips.
Steel thickness is 0,2-4,0mm and high accuracy of cutting is provided by automatic control system and process accuracy.