Use of alternative energy

For a long time on the market in Ukraine there are solar power plants or as alternative energy sources.
More than hundreds of facilities have already connected equipment for generating electricity.
The company “Forteks” provides services in the selection of such equipment, drawing up a plan and connecting the equipment itself.
We cooperate with business representatives and individuals.

What is SES and how does it work?

  • Panels generate electricity by converting natural energy into direct current.
  • The photocell itself is made of silicon crystals that interact with the sun.
  • The charge gradually accumulates in battery systems connected to the blocks through the controller.
  • The function of the inverter is to obtain an output voltage of 220 watts.

An additional service is a complete unit for tracking the heat source.
This will allow you to deploy the panel at the right angle for the sun to hit the surface.

What are the benefits?

  • Unlike oil and coal, alternative energy sources are not toxic emissions into the atmosphere, which makes it possible to call it a safe source.
  • Full autonomy and independence from raising tariffs for a given connection period.
  • Payback in Ukraine is considered 5-7 years.

It is possible to calculate future savings and projected benefits with the help of specialists.
Professional installation of alternative power sources
The company “Forteks” offers customers the optimal installation of different capacities and resource development.
The operational life of the equipment is about 25 years. We give a full guarantee of quality for 10 years.
Engineers will draft and prepare the necessary technical documentation.
The craftsmen will carry out installation work at the optimum height at the right angle to increase efficiency.
If you need advice, contact the staff by telephone +38063 936 64 82

The conversion factor also depends on the average annual temperature and other environmental conditions.
You can find out more detailed information from a competent manager / specialist at Forteks.