Zinced rolls

Forteks LLC is a new generation company.
Our company supplies polymer-coated steel, including galvanized steel in coils.

Galvanized steel is used in roofing and facade works, fencing systems, drainage and ventilation systems, where industrial tanks and structures are needed to save tanks, silos, and elevators. LSTK (C, Z, L, U and other profiles, thermal profiles, load-bearing corrugated board); Window profiles; Spiral corrugated pipes;

Advantages: Long-lasting color coating, attractive appearance, resistance to sunlight and reliable protection against the effects of the atmosphere make steel suitable for many applications. The painted steel coil will last for several decades. At the same time, its operational properties will remain the same. Specifications:

  • Rolled thickness: 0.20-4.00 mm;
  • Rolled width: 600-1500 mm;
  • Conducted according to: EN 10346: 2015;
  • Brand: DX51D, S280-350GD;
  • Zinc plating: Zn 60-450.

Coiled steel from exclusively trusted manufacturers, which means you can be sure of the quality of the product:

  • Ilyich Iron and Steel Works (Ukraine)
  • U.S. Steel Kosice (Slovakia)
  • Liberty Steel (Luxembourg)
  • ArcelorMittal (France, Belgium)
  • Borcelik (Turkey)
  • Dongbu Steel (Korea)

Favorable geographical location.

High quality guarantee is the indicator of our company.
Best regards, Forteks!