Congratulations on the City Day!

Today, on September 11, residents celebrate the City Day and celebrate its 245th anniversary! We also join in the congratulations and gladly wish the city prosperity, growth and constant transformation and uniqueness, and its residents – well-being and inspiration! ⠀ The Fortex company is always ready to provide high-quality rolled steel in Ukraine! Once again,… Подробнее

рулонная сталь
Rolled steel with a polymeric covering

Coiled galvanized steel with a polymer coating is an aesthetic material with a rich color range of a layer applied over the galvanized steel. ⠀ It can harmoniously complement any architectural project and make the most daring design idea a reality. ⠀ At the same time, the strength of the polymer composition is tens of… Подробнее

Visited the exhibition 2021, Kiev, International Exhibition Center

Today Fortex managers visited the main annual construction exhibition “Inter Build Expo” in Kyiv. The international exhibition InterBuildExpo is the most powerful construction event in Ukraine, which annually gathers more than 1,000 brands and 40,000 visitors. The exhibition has been held since 1994 and is the most anticipated industry event. Today, InterBuildExpo has three exhibition… Подробнее

New victory for FC Forteks!

Major league summer season. Achievements: Top scorer – Boyko Nikolay Winning victory – 2nd place (silver).

The presence of steel coils

Forteks company is a supplier of rolled steel and offers to purchase a wide range of various steel grades.Today we have zinc, gloss and brushed steel on stock.You can find out all the rolls that are available from our specialists. #strip #rollsteel #polymercoating #metal #steel #buymetal #ral

Coronavirus Prevention

Decisive measures – our team has gone into self-isolation since March 16, 2020. The main thing for us now is the safety of employees. Dear friends and partners, we are now working remotely, the goods are in the warehouses of Ukraine. Contact our managers or by writing to us on social networks in order to… Подробнее

Corten steel
Corten steel in the Dnipro – Pixel Plaza

Corten steel is alloy steel resistant to atmospheric corrosion. ⠀ Features in the construction of various structures are considered such characteristics of steel-corten: special resistance to oxidation; shock resistance (the alloy is practically not deformed); there is no threat to the environment; stylish and unusual appearance (color). The rusty color of a sheet of Corten… Подробнее

Use of alternative energy

For a long time on the market in Ukraine there are solar power plants or as alternative energy sources. More than hundreds of facilities have already connected equipment for generating electricity. The company “Forteks” provides services in the selection of such equipment, drawing up a plan and connecting the equipment itself. We cooperate with business… Подробнее

Футбол - 2019
Золой матч ?

Наша команда выиграла турнир и стала обладателем чемпионского титула. Поздравляем «Фортекс» за победу в четырнадцати победах подряд и с победой в марафоне! УРА!? Награждение Высшего и Второго Дивизиона –  видеоотчёт