Альтернативная енергетика

The company “Forteks” offers for consideration a new solution – “Industrial Solar Power Plant” with ground-based placement of solar panels.

SEE – a solar power grid is in demand in Ukraine for selling electricity to the grid at a “green tariff”, and also guarantees the purchase of all energy, because it uses a renewable source of all energy. In the future, this means a full return on investment.

Green tariff – this tariff purchases electric energy produced at electric power facilities using alternative energy sources (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Law “On the Electric Power Industry” of October 16, 1997 No. 575/97-VR).

A professional approach to the construction of a power plant will ensure the rapid construction and launch of a solar power plant, including high power.

We will take on:

– Design

– Mounting

– Commissioning

– Connection of the “Green” tariff.

– Service maintenance.

Meet – our first supply of metal structures – the Martonosha solar power plant.

The second project was the construction of the Shirokoye solar power station.

You can find out detailed information or order a miscalculation, by calling Saveliev Anton SEE Project Manager – +38(063) 936 64 82